How To Extinguish A Candle

How To Extinguish a Candle

Is blowing out candles ok?

Absolutely not! Whilst it is acceptable for a birthday cake, it is the one piece of candle education and advice, we are trying to tell everyone we meet.  So why is it not good to blow out a candle?  There are a few reasons, but the first obvious point is safety.  

1) You have just got a hot layer of melted wax in front of you, and by blowing that hot wax, you risk it splashing and scalding your face and hands.  

2) Do you know that blowing a candle means that you are putting bacteria from your mouth on to the wick, which can then affect how the candle burns next time?

3) You have spent some time getting all that lovely scent in the air, so why would you want to alter that by adding smoky wax fumes to it?

So in short, it isn't at all good to blow out your candles.  There is a far better method you can use!

Do you recommend using a candle snuffer?

Candle snuffers are ok, but we are no fans of this method.  The reason being, is that you still get that smoky wax scent, after you have spent ages getting a nice scent into the room.  

What is the best way to out out a candle?

It may seem an odd method, but simply dipping the lit wick into the melted wax and pulling it straight again works beautifully.  No mess, smoky smell or other issues occur, plus your candle lights again nicely the next time you light it.  You don't need any specialist equipment either.  You can use an old knife, long pair of tweezers, wire coat hanger or even a metal tent hook.  Always make sure that once you have dipped the wick, you gently lift the wick up again, so that it doesn't set into the wax as it cools.  To show you how it is done, a video is here. Remember before you light your candle again, you trim the wick, as this is another important step in burning a candle successfully.