Soy Wax Candle Care

Soy Wax Candle Care 

We want you to get the most from your soy candle, and so have put together some top tips to help you.

1) Make sure that you place the candle on a heat resistant surface, or use a coaster/candle coaster.  This rule is the same for all candles. Heat can transfer to the base and cause heat damage to some surfaces.  This information is on the bottom of every candle.

2) When you first light the candle, you need to make sure that it is lit for the correct length of time.  Our 30cl candles need to be lit for 3-4 hours for the first time. This is because the melt pool has to be given time to develop to help stop candle tunnelling, and for the scent to be released.

3) Try to keep the candle free from all draughts.

4) Make sure you trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch before re-lighting. This also helps with scent and can stop the wick from sooting.  If the flame dances about too much, or is too big then first check for draughts.  Extinguish the candle and carefully just trim the wick a little more.

5) Larger rooms may need more than one candle.  Having doors open in a room also affects scent throw.

6) Do not allow children or animals to come into contact with the candle.

7) Keep candles away from soft furnishings such as curtains.

8) Don't move a lit candle, always let it properly cool down before you move it.  

9) Do not blow out your candle.  Instead see our guide and video on how to extinguish your candle, without any fancy equipment being required.

10) When your candle has finished, you can re-use the vessel. To know how to clean your candle jar, you simply fill the glass/pot with hot soapy water and gently wipe inside.  You will find that any remaining soy wax disappears. As the soy wax is non toxic it is perfectly safe to do this.  Our labels come off pretty easy too, so you can use the glass to put tealights and other items in.  Even the tubs that the candles are sent in, can be used as a pen pot or storage for other items.  We hope that these ideas go some way to making sure you get the most from your goods and helping the environment.

11) It may sound like common sense but do not eat the wax, and do not rub the wax on your skin. The products have not been designed for you to do that, and have only been designed for the purpose of being a candle.

12) In the unlikely event that you do get any allergic reaction, stop using immediately and seek medical advice.  Also ensure you dispose of the product carefully.  Even essential oil can damage our aquatic life etc, so please be responsible.