Soy Wax Candle Story

Our Story- Why Soy Candles?

I am a candle addict plus I love the Lake District. The two make for a heady combination. There is nothing more that satisfies me, than being huddled up in my Lakeland lodge relaxing with my candle lit.  I would love the story to be more glamorous than what it is, but the lightbulb moment came when my husband made a remark to me.  One evening there was a power cut in the Lake District, and thinking that it could be some time before power was restored, I started lighting candles.  In fact it was lots of candles.  My husband said "Blimey love.... you could keep a candle factory going forever in business!"  It was that eureka moment that made me explore making my own, and it changed the way I thought about candles.

What prompted me to make my candles with soy wax?

My other obsessions in life are food and health.  I have written recipes for publications and have done some filming for television.  When you start to look into health issues, one thing quickly leads to another.  So I have an interest in not only what goes into the body, but what goes on it and what surrounds it too. I began reading many reports and articles which gave me concerns.  Whilst making my own candles (initially for myself and friends)  I decided that I would go along a different route.  I don't want to knock paraffin made candles, but I do have an allergy to them (migraines) and so being able to make candles from soy and be headache free, was an absolute relief.

How are soy wax candles made? 

Each candle and product is made by our own fair hands.  No huge candle factory or machinery, just small batches of each item lovingly made by us.  We have lost count of how many times we have tested and been tested with the products! For many months we just about pulled our hair out, making sure we got things right.   The Lake District is where we get our inspiration from and where we come up with the scents and ideas.  In fact many of the scents have a story behind them, which I will often explain in the product details.  So, if you see a woman sat with an aromatherapy kit, sniffing swatches of paper by the side of a lake, (or in a forest or at the side of a mountain) then that is probably me. In the next couple of years we hope to move to Cumbria permanently. Until then, we share the manufacture and of the products also in beautiful county of Lincolnshire, although my time in Lincolnshire is now limited.